Maui Chili Recipe
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ingredientsThe unexpurgated and annotated recipe is as follows. Don't forget that the quantity of ingredients, as listed below, was created for a twenty-quart portion. Adjust the ingredients to your serving size, but don't forget to include them all. Continuous stirring will avoid bottom sticking. Taste frequently and season with the herbs and chili powder to your taste.

6 ½ Pounds, or more, of fresh, featherless, boneless and skinless naked CHICKEN BREASTS is my preference. Use organically fed, free-range, no preservatives, no chemicals, no growth hormones, kosher, and you get the picture, chicken. Cut the flesh into large one inch long or square chunks. The chicken will shred as it cooks. Pre-cook the chicken in a separate pot or pan with olive oil and some of the herbs and ingredients before you add it into the final concoction if you prefer chunks of chicken in the brew for serving. I like to introduce the chicken after most of the vegetables and herbs have been added to the sauces and oil. The chicken will shred and become part of the texture and flavor.

TWO 12 oz. local, amber colored, bottled BEER, (for the chili, not the chili cooker.) I prefer Mexican Bohemia as my first choice. A lager is a good choice. You can personalize your Maui Chili with your beer preference.

8 to 12 Ounces of WATER .Don't over add water. Keep it thick. We used Evian for the cook-off. Use some of your local stuff.

5 to 6 Large firm Organic BELL PEPPERS. Use all colors; red, green, orange or yellow. Cut them into large pieces, clean out the seeds and the white pulpy stuff. Toss 'em into the pot.

3 to 4 Entire Heads of golf ball size Fresh Organic Californian GARLIC - Chopped & Crushed. If you can find fresh garlic already shucked in the cold food section of your local market use it. Ummm, good, and, good for you too. Use more if you like. Try not to create distant friends.

3 to 4 Tablespoons Fresh Shredded Organic GINGER ROOT. This ingredient is most important to the taste. Don't scrimp here.

4 to 6 Medium to Large, Chopped sweet Maui ONIONS - big pieces. You can use other types of brown or yellow onions. But, nothing is sweeter than a Maui grown Maui onion. Yummy. Yummy.

ONE Whole Medium to Large, Chopped, Fresh, ripe, Maui PINEAPPLE- big chunks. That's right, a whole, large pineapple. You will be glad you did. Use a firm ripe one. Not too soft. Cut the skin and other unsightly stuff off. Cut it into large bite size chunks. Place into the pot in the beginning, middle or at the end of the cooking cycle as the last ingredient. The pineapple will not shred. It will remain chunky. It will stay firmer if added last. I like to add it in the beginning. I like the pineapple flavor to infuse into all the ingredients. Don't add the juice if you use canned Pineapple chunks. It's best to move to Maui and get it fresh. Aloha. Mahalo.

3 to 4 Large, Organic CARROTS, Peeled, chunks. Carrots, as my grandmother once told me, will take the bite out of the tomatoes. And, they add to the chunky style. The bite is gone, but the sting remains in this dish. See ingredient number nine. Add the carrots early into the Maui Chili pot.

6 or 8 GREEN JALAPENO PEPPERS - Chopped, seeds & all. It's the seeds that give the heat, I'm told. Be careful here. Some like it hot, some don't. The last batch I cooked used only six of these little green boys. Most people said it was not hot at all. There are many other types of hot peppers. For some, the hot pepper is the key to good chili. The key to Maui Chili is pineapple and ginger. The heat is secondary. But, what kind of chili would it be if it were mild? I like it HOT!

3/4 Cup home grown, Fresh cut LOVAGE leaves & stems, Levisticum Officinale, and/or 6 to 8 large firm green stalks of Organic CELERY) - large chunks. I use the lovage, when I can find it, along with the celery. The celery should be one of the very first ingredients. Don't use the leaf or white and light colored parts of the celery because it's bitter. Use the dark green stalks. Cut off the white stuff and the leaf.

ONE Cup, home grown, Chopped African Blue BASIL Leaves, (Ocimum basilicum), (Any Basil will work). I use African Basil because it grows as a perennial. But, ordinary green basil will work. Use the leaf as much as possible minding not to use the stems. Dried basil can be substituted.

TWO Cups Fresh Cut & Chopped OREGANO LEAVES. Dried is OK here too. Add a tablespoon at a time of the dried stuff. Season to your taste.

1/2 Cup homegrown, Fresh Cut & Chopped "CAT THYME" Leaves, (Teucrium marum). I mention this thyme by name only because it is the thyme that I had been growing and using for years. Any type of Thyme will be OK. The fresh herb is best, but dried thyme will work. Add a teaspoon at a time. Season to your taste.

TWO Cups or more of CHILI POWDER blend. Add this stuff as you cook. Add to your taste. Don't forget this recipe was created for twenty quarts! Add a couple of tablespoons at a time. I use a blend consisting of Chili Peppers, Cumin, Garlic, Salt, Oregano, Coriander, Allspice and Cloves. Use a blend that contains no preservatives. I prefer a brew created and bagged by a firm called the San Francisco Herb Co., 250 14th St., San Francisco, CA 94103. That's a free plug. I hope they don't mind.

6 Teaspoons, sun-dried, pure CAYENNE PEPPER powder. This is heat, zest and fire down below. Be careful here. Last batch I stirred up used 8 teaspoons. It was greeted with great delight from most. It left a slight curious, lingering after burn on the tongue and taste buds.

6 to 8 Tablespoons Fresh Ground CUMIN powder. Add a teaspoon at a time. Season to your taste. Not much to say about this herb, but it is essential.

1/4 cup light SOY SAUCE and 3 Tablespoon of Sea SALT
. Season to your taste, but don't forget the Soy. Use a premium soy sauce.

TWO 15-Ounce Cans of Organic TOMATO SAUCE.*

One 14 ½ Ounce Can Organic Whole Peeled TOMATOES * or use fresh tomatoes without the skin.

One 28 Ounce Can of STEWED, chopped Organic TOMATOES. *

3 - Six Ounce Cans Organic TOMATO PASTE. *

ONE Cup of wild Buckwheat HONEY. Any type of honey will work. This is a hidden touch. Believe it or not, many chili recipes call for some type of sweetener, like coca and chocolate. Honey is the perfect blend in this recipe.

6 - 10 Whole Fresh Small to Medium, dried, home grown Sweet BAY Laurel Leaves
, (Laurus nobilis). Not for eating, for flavor only. Add the Bay in the beginning. Let it stay in the concoction until all the chili has been consumed.

2 Cups Organically produced, "Arrowhead Mills", Un-enriched Whole Grain YELLOW CORN MEAL
. This is an important thickener.Add a tablespoon at a time while the mixture is cooking.

1 Cup of Organic, Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL
. Put this in the pot first. Let it heat up and then add the ingredients.

* Use these tomato ingredients as your prefer. The stewed tomatoes are most important, although all line items 19 thru 22 are diligently added in my pot.


Cooking time: 2-½ hrs.

Serve it HOT with some COLD, chopped MAUI ONIONS & shredded MONTEREY JACK CHEESE for topping. Or, Serve it over steamed rice or pasta. I've enjoyed it after leaving it in a covered plastic container in the refrigerator for three days . It tasted even better as a left over dish. I've frozen it for thirty days and it tasted fabulous after it was defrosted in the refrigerator and re-heated. I like it to eat it with some soft bread so I can clean the bowl. If cooked correctly, it should be eaten with a fork in one hand and a hunk of bread in the other hand.